40 Priceless Gifts Every Parent Should Give Their Children

With the hundreds of toys, electronics, crafts, and sports equipment gloriously lined up in the department store aisles to make any child’s (or grown-up’s) eyes sparkle, the BEST gifts we as parents can give our children are intangible, with values Far Greater than any virtual reality gaming system!

Here are 40 priceless gifts EVERY CHILD should receive from their parent(s):

  1. Unconditional Love
  2. Admit and Apologize When You Make Mistakes
  3. Stability in the Household
  4. Security
  5. Forgiveness
  6. The Right to Disagree – with you and others in a respectful manner.
  7. The Right to Express Themselves – in a respectful manner.
  8. The Right to Choose – allow them to make their own choices with support and guidance, as necessary.
  9. Laughter
  10. Leadership by Example
  11. Patience and Recognition
  12. Encourage Them to Solve Their Own Problems – Let them know you have confidence in them to figure things out. Offer advice, but honor them if they choose to try their own way. This will encourage them to problem solve and build stress coping skills.
  13. Optimistic Expectations – clearly define your reasonable expectations while respecting their individuality.
  14. Boundaries and Self Control
  15. Strong Moral Foundation
  16. Nutritional Alignment – by inspiring a healthy lifestyle by providing nutritious meals.
  17. Alone Time, Free Play, and Daydreaming!
  18. Money Lessons
  19. The Taste of Life – by teaching them to make intelligent decisions and allow them to face the consequences of THEIR choices.
  20. Imagination
  21. Individualism
  22. Your Approval – You are their primary role model, teacher, and biggest hero. Kick start their confidence building by acknowledging, encouraging, and validating your child.
  23. Conversation – Offer your kids the greatest communication skills you can by making time to share your thoughts, ideas, and opinions.
  24. Self-Defense Skills
  25. Education
  26. Appreciation of Hard Work – by giving them chores and a reward for completing them done properly.
  27. Growth Mindset – by understanding that they are constantly growing and learning and that each experience is a chance to improve.
  28. Self-Assuredness – by teaching them to stand up for what they believe in and to take responsibility for their thoughts and actions.
  29. Hope
  30. Empathy – The ability to understand and share the feelings of another while being able to regulate our own emotional responses.
  31. Involvement in Their Lives
  32. Undivided Attention
  33. Honesty
  34. Courage and Resolve – Life isn’t always easy, but they have the knowledge, skills, resources, and support to get them through anything.
  35. Gratitude and Appreciation
  36. The Golden Rule – Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
  37. Freedom from Your Excess Baggage – Create wonderful goals and memories together, instead of entrapping your children in fears from your past.
  38. Your Full Support
  39. Acknowledgement of Her Emotions – Encouraging your child to accept her emotions including anger, sadness, disappointment, and frustration as normal, will help her respond to these feelings in a healthier, more confident manner.
  40. Be the Source of Calm Confidence – When your child panics or looks at you with fear, it is critical that you do not reflect fear back at them. Show them that better decisions and superior performance can be achieved by stepping back, taking a deep breath, and maintaining a calm and clear mind!

What are some other priceless gifts you would give your child? Tell us in the comments below!

Carmen Sakurai

I am... Mommy. Teacher. Life Strategist. Stress Management & Burnout Prevention Coach. Advice Columnist. Foodie Wannabe... and I blog at NinjaMomDiaries.com & GirlPlusFood.com!

  1. You have to add please the word of meaning understanding! The ability of a parent to understand the expressions and feelings of their children….

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