5 Quick Tips To Organizing Photos From Your Digital Camera So You Can Find Them Easily

Cell phones and digital cameras certainly has made it convenient to capture every single moment in life that you want to remember. But this also means we now have more photos than ever to download and organize! Fortunately, the task of organizing photos doesn’t have to be a struggle. Here are some tips to keep track of your memories without losing your sanity:

1. Immediately Delete Duplicates and Photos You Don’t Want to Keep – Avoid being a digital pack-rat because all these photos do is clutter and take up space on your computer, phone, and camera.

2. The Archive System – This is my way of organizing photos on my computer, cloud storage, and external hard drive. I recommend it because it works!

  • Create a folder for the year. (e.g. 2015)
  • Inside that folder, create a folder for each month. (01 = January, 02 = February, and so on. Naming with numerals makes it easier to sort them in order)
  • Inside each month, create folders for special holidays or events you normally have (birthdays, Thanksgiving, summer trip, etc.)
  • When it’s time to download your photos, add them to the appropriate year/month/event, or create new event folders.

3. Rename Your Photos

Many cameras stick strange names like “DSC29630.JPG” to each photo you take, so I highly recommend renaming your photos (or at least your favorite ones) to something like “20150608-JoshBirthday1.JPG” (date photo was taken-event) to make it easier to locate.

4. Photo Management Sites

These services help you navigate your photo collection with ease by allowing you to apply keywords, or “tags,” so you can quickly search through your images. Some of the more popular free or cheap sites are: Shutterfly, SmugMug, Flickr, Instagram, Picasa, and Snapfish.

5. Don’t Forget to Back Up!

I can’t stress enough the importance of backing up your photos. Your computer won’t last forever, and neither will your external hard drive. It’s scary because photos are what helps up look back on special memories. So add cloud storage to your tools for organizing photos! I recommend Dropbox, iCloud Photo Stream, and Google Drive. Do a search and see what works best for you!

Carmen Sakurai

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