5 Valentine’s Day Snacks for Kids

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow and when you have kids, the day takes on a whole new meaning. Gone are the days of romantic nights out with your partner since it’s so fun to share the importance of love and celebrate the holiday with your whole family. Get into the kitchen and check out these five Valentine’s Day snacks to make for your little sweethearts.

Graham Cracker Smiles

Greet your child with a smile – both from you and their snack! These Graham Cracker Smiles are sure to put a smile on their face and can be made with only a few easy ingredients that you’re sure to have around your house. The fun with this snack is that your kids can help make it and get as creative as they want!


Heart Shaped Fruit Kabobs

Use a small heart shaped cookie cutter to cut out all of your child’s favorite fruits and then stick onto a wooden skewer or popsicle stick. This is the perfect sweet treat for the lunchbox or after school. You could even add in bite-sized pieces of brownies or pound cake to make it extra sweet. This is also a good way to get your child to try new kinds of fruit.

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Mini Heart-Shaped Fruit Pizzas

Another sweet snack featuring fruit, your little ones will love helping you assemble these mini heart-shaped fruit pizzas. It’s simple to make and a delicious cross between a healthy snack and a dessert. Let them add which fruit they want on top and then enjoy as you talk about how much you love each other!


Raspberry White Hot Chocolate

A drink totally counts as a snack, especially when it’s one as rich as this one! Warm up with this sweet and pink hot chocolate that is perfect for Valentine’s Day. Try serving it in a mason jar or glass milk bottle with a fun straw to make it more special. Don’t forget to add the whipped cream!



Bonus – Homemade Heart-Shaped Graham Crackers

Everything is better when made with love and what’s better than homemade heart-shaped graham crackers? Once you make them, use them as a plain snack, dip them into yogurt, make a sweet s’more or even an ice cream sandwich with strawberry ice cream! This is a great recipe to use all year long with different shaped cookie cutters.


Now that you know what Valentine’s Day snacks to make, don’t forget to get crafty with these ideas for Valentine’s Crafts for the People Your Kids Love! Your child will love starting these new traditions with you as they celebrate the holiday of love.

Which Valentine’s Day snacks will you make for your family?

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