Exclusive Chat with Ricky: I’m Just Like Any Other Dad

We caught up with Ricky Martin, our “superstar” dad, during his “One World Tour” which is currently hitting the U.S. We were curious to know how he manages to be a mega famous pop star and a full-time dad at the same time, and how he separates the two. “It’s like any one that goes to the office, and in the car they leave all the issues of their work. When they go back home, everything flips and changes and then they’re with their kids… and it’s beautiful.” However, he explained that it isn’t about wearing a mask, because at the end of the day he is who he is… on stage and at home.

Ricky also shared some details about his show. He explained that “All I want is people to feel good about themselves.” That means, a lot of dancing and moving to all the best music that was chosen by his social media fans. “Pretty much everything that I am performing tonight is based on one question that I asked on Twitter a few months ago:  What songs do you want me to sing?”

And Matteo and Valentino? Where are they during the tour? See for yourself.

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  1. Ricky you are amazing artist and truly unique gift from God ? you are heart soul ? for your boys is unique beautiful precious .you are simply precious & special and inspiration of life

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