Make Divorce Less Traumatic for Children

Divorce is very hard on kids. It is a life-shattering event that is sometimes difficult to recover from. When a child witnesses their parents break up, their world of security as they know it dissolves. Kids may feel insecure and afraid of what their family life will become. Time helps, but there are ways that parents can make it easier on their children.

Keep Lines of Communication Open

It is essential that parents keep communicating with each other when there are issues concerning the children. When parents stop talking entirely, due to feelings of anger, betrayal, or sadness, the children suffer. Parents, even if they have issues, need to keep talking whether it’s through email, text or by phone. When the kids see their parents acting and talking like mature individuals, they will feel a sense of security and feel as though they can count on both of their parents to look out for them.

Avoid Insulting the Other Parent

One of the worse things that parents can do when divorce is happening is to insult the other parent in front of the children. Parents shouldn’t say anything bad about the other parent when their children are around and there shouldn’t be any efforts to turn the kids against the other parent. It will only damage them.

Create New Security

Be there for them. Parents can offer children a whole new world of security when the children are with them. Let them know they can count on you. Let them communicate any feelings they have about the divorce, attend their school events and always help them whenever they need you.

Make Space for Them

Parents can make divorce a little easier on kids if they create a special space for their children in their new home or homes. Whether this is giving them their own room, making a play area for them or building them a tree house, any personal space for them will help them adjust to the new living situation.

Keep Up with Structure and Routine

Parents can make their kids lives easier if they commit to keeping to the same routines and schedules. Keep up with recreational activities, school routines, and weekend commitments. The more normal their lives remain, the better off they will be. They will survive the divorce, but they will need both of their parent’s support at all times.

How have you made your kids more comfortable when divorce occurred in your family? Please share with us!

Natasha Lees

Natasha Lees has been a freelance copywriter for over 15 years and has written for a variety of publications, both online and offline. She is a loving mother to her toddler son and step-mom to three amazing teens ages 13 to 16. When she isn't busy with her family, you'll find her writing or planning her next vacation escape or media trip. She has written for companies such as The New York Times Company, Sunwing Vacations Inc., Mastercard Caribbean and Princess Cruises to name a few. She adores her new writing role in the Piccolo Universe and continues to provide readers with articles and stories regarding her personal family experiences, challenges and parenting tips.

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  1. I am divorcing my husband for 13 years and we have a son JAMES-a 12 years old smart and handsome-.
    One thing is for sure in this proccess: Tom and me are very good friends-the best friends- and we will be BFF for the sake of James.
    I am very in love with somebodyelse and I told James about in a very open conversation: I told James that his daddy is the best man in the world and I will always love him but, that my heart belongs to somebody else and James told me that he understand and will support me in my new relationship.
    We-Tomm, James and me- go out a lot and expend time together and I want that Tom be very present in James’s life, and no matter what happened between Tom and me, their relation-Tom James- will be tje best father-son relation ever.

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