My Baby Boy Wants a Dolly

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My son’s third birthday is coming up and he has one thing on his wish list — a baby doll. He doesn’t want the latest Star Wars action figures or the newest Lego sets. He wants a soft, cuddly baby doll that he can wrap in one of his old blankets and carry around as a friend. I intend to get him just that.

While my parents would never imagine getting my brothers something pink, let alone a doll. I, on the other hand, didn’t even bat an eyelash. Why?

I don’t want him growing up thinking that being affectionate or caring is just a “woman” thing. I want him to be able to express himself and know that he can achieve whatever he wants — gender roles aside.

Perhaps he wants a doll because he sees his father have such a hands on roll being a dad and an uncle — carrying, feeding, playing, soothing and changing babies on the regular. Whatever the case may be, who am I to deny his request? There are so many ideas and constructs that imposed on children at a young age. Why let this be one of them?

I can’t wait to watch him open his present on his birthday. I know I’m making the right choice.

Moms, would you buy your son a doll?

Christina Montoya Fiedler

Christina Montoya Fiedler is a Los Angeles based freelance writer specializing in parenting, food, technology and travel. Her work has appeared in USA Today,, YahooNews, Mashable and more. She has also written marketing copy for Reynolds Wrap, P&G, Energizer, Betty Crocker, Orajel and more. As a former publicist, she understands branding and marketing from a corporate perspective, but her journalism degree allows her to deliver information in a way that is easy to understand and enjoy.

  1. My daughter is 3.5 years old. Dolls have never played it and never even tried. Cars, robery, etc. it’s her favorite toys. But her 4 year old friend plays only into dolls, all machines are new. I don’t think the desire of your son playl with dolls is a bad thing. Adults just have too many stereotypes in us head.

  2. Our 3 year old son wanted a “Snuggles” doll for his birthday so he could play house with a neighbor’s daughter with her own baby doll. We complied and he was thrilled- that was 40 yrs ago …Today he is an excellent, loving father of two girls and one foster son. He never ceases to amaze us and we are so proud of him everyday!

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