Top 5 Reasons Your Elf on the Shelf Didn’t Move Last Night
Elf on the Shelf mischief by @HuffPost

Many of our elves have returned this December and they are busy delighting our children with their silly and creative hiding spots. This is a true sign of the season and we look forward to it every year, but how come there are days when the elves don’t move? Here are the top five reasons your little friend might have decided to stay put.

Your Children Have Been Just Too Good

It’s a long, long, long trip back to the North Pole to report to Santa every evening. Even with elf magic there are line ups to speak with Santa and chores to be done before they can return. When your children are as good as gold, there is really little motivation for the elf to move from his or her comfy spot.

Your Children Have Been Just Too Naughty

The elves are rooting for our kids so when our little ones are particularly naughty, the elf may decide that he’d rather not report the particular incident to Santa and give the children another day to make better decisions.

Your Elf Sustained a Minor Injury Whilst Exploring

Elves are curious little creatures. When we are sleeping, just before they head out on their long journey back, they may decide to explore your house a little. There have been reports of elves getting stuck in Barbie cars, swatted by angry cats and even falling out of the Christmas tree! Don’t worry, though, no serious injuries have ever been reported.

Your Elf Slept Through His Departure Time

There are many, many elves, that must make the trip back to the North Pole each evening. It’s really a very organized venture. Your elf has a specific departure time, in order to make sure that Santa is not bombarded by all the elves at once. If the sleepy little guy misses his time, he may choose to stay the night instead.

Your Elf is Having an Elfing Good Time 

Elves wait all year long for the chance to come back to see their favourite kids. Sometimes, it is just too much fun to watch the kids as their excitement builds for the big day. Some elves have even been known to stay put all season because they just can’t bear to be apart from their best kid friends. If this is the case, worry not, Santa sends a messenger elf to check up on the loyal little fella, just to make sure his kids are staying on the nice list.

If your elf doesn’t move occasionally, don’t fret; you can be sure he has his reasons.

Shanell Mouland

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